Our team is
our foundation.

Everyone on our team is chosen for their experience, expertise and commitment to building the best. Plus, we want people who enjoy working closely with clients and can’t wait to come to work every day. We choose our subcontractors very carefully and hold them to the same high standards as we do our own employees.

Joey Fentress

Principal & Founder

Joey has more than 20 years’ experience building custom homes. It’s an interest that started when he was a child helping his father build their family home.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I am committed to building an outstanding team. A team that wants to be part of the mission and vision of Proform. A commitment to excellence. Our projects get more complex and cooler every year. And that’s gratifying!

Outside work:
I love spending time with my wife and two young kids, being active and being outdoors. I love to travel and discover great food along the way. Kauai tops my list!


With a degree in architecture, Jasun brings design know-how to the Proform team. He has been designing and building homes for more than 25 years.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
The best part of Proform is the diversity of custom challenges that each new job provides, allowing for creative and graceful solutions.

Outside work:
Woodworking, scuba diving, whiskey tasting, mountaineering, and spending time with my kids.

Jasun Sherman

General Manager, LEED AP
Jeremy Lille-9653

Jeremy started building custom homes 25 years ago with the ongoing motto that quality and craftsmanship are number one.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
The best part is working with a team that loves what they do, with each of us putting our individual stamp on each project.

Outside work:
You can find me outdoors hiking with my wife and two girls, or going for a spin on my motorcycle.

Jeremy Lillie

Project Manager

I’m from Houston and both my father and grandfather were in the construction business. I grew up pushing a broom around my dad’s sites and shop. I’ve been in the trade for 26 years.

Outside work:
I do a lot of camping, hiking, skiing, backpacking.

Joshua Robertson

Regional Project Manager Austin, Texas

As Marketing Director, Kristi has been part of Proform from the beginning.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I love seeing the scale of Proform’s projects evolve from our teamwork and commitment to craftsmanship, we are building something great together.

Outside work:
I enjoy Crossfit, Peleton, hiking and running marathons! My favorite places to travel are the British Virgin Islands and, like Joey, Kauai.

Kristi Fentress

Marketing Director/Business Manager

Carol has been a numerical bookkeeping wizard for the last ten years.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I love the passion and detail the whole team has for each and every project.

Outside work:
I Iive in Cle Elum year-round. It provides activities for all the seasons – from the snow in winter, to horseback riding and hiking in the summer.

Carol Divers


Scott has more than 20 years in all facets of construction from new construction
builds to small remodels.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I really appreciate the overall organization of the company. The process and flow makes the work that much easier. The whole team is committed to being proud of the final product.

Outside work:
I enjoy being outside mountain biking and climbing.

Scott Miller

Superintendent, Special Projects Division

With years of experience as a lead carpenter, Alex brings the full spectrum of remodeling to Proform.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I love the idea of not being the biggest company, but working on the coolest projects.
Outside work:
I thrive on getting out and exploring the great outdoors with my wife and doggo, Winston, plus working on endless projects on our “fixer-upper” home.

Alex Merrill


Ryan brings 20 years of experience as lead carpenter on residential construction and as a superintendent on commercial project.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
It’s satisfying to see finished product the way the homeowners envisioned it.

Outside work:
I love spending time with my family, on walks, hiking and playing sports. In my spare time, I'm fixing up our 1960s home.

Ryan Miller

Colin Kelly 1

Colin joins us from the commercial construction realm after starting his career as a framer when he was a teenager and working his way up.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
Colin loves being able to work outdoors as well as the teamwork and collaboration that goes into every Proform project.

Outside work:
Colin plays on a travel softball team, spends time with his daughter, snowboards, wakeboards, and enjoys painting.

Colin Kelly


Alan grew up building and remodeling various projects with his dad which has developed into him bringing over 11-years of experience into our industry. He enjoys the overall collaborative process and focus on relationships here at Proform.

During his free-time you can find him spending time with his wife, working on/riding motorcycles, playing softball and being in the woods: backpacking, rock climbing, camping.

Alan Osterhout


I have been working as a carpenter for the past five years.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
I love watching craftsmen come together to complete a harmonious project. Each trade relies and builds on each other and that keeps me interested in improving my own skills.

Outside work:
I enjoy hiking with my wife and dog, rock climbing and backpacking through national parks.

Jimmy Doan

Lead Carpenter

Best part about working for Proform:I like the structural side of the projects, The initial framing of the house and adding/deleting windows and walls.

Outside work:
I enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I do a lot of hiking and working out.

Jake McMullen

Lead Carpenter

Dillon hails from Louisville, Kentucky. He was a physical therapist, and a firefighter, before moving to Seattle and delving into carpentry.

Outside work:
In his free time, he likes to take long walks with his wife and dog, as well as relaxing by Lake Washington with a good book.

Dillon Hough

Max Fraleigh 2

Max has a background in commercial carpentry. He recently moved to Seattle from Ann Arbor, Michigan with his partner Grace and cat Pablo.

Favorite part about working for Proform:
What he loves about Proform is the high-level of projects he helps build and becoming better at his craft with the support of his team.

Outside work:
Currently he's figuring out his way around Seattle during his free time. He has been skateboarding for the last 15 years and enjoys cooking.

Max Fraleigh


Will is a Seattle native and enjoys pick-up sports he can play with his friends during his free time. A fun fact about Will is that he has had 2-family members play in the NHL. So far Will has enjoyed practicing all the new skills he has learned as an apprentice and gaining knowledge in the construction industry from his peers.

Will Seguin


Murphy is a very good boy. When he's not looking for snacks, he can be found chasing squirrels or taking a nap. Supervising the Proform team is ruff work.


Senior Pawject Manager & Snack Supervisor