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Ask anyone to share their thoughts on the process of building a home, and some part of the answer will probably mention unexpected challenges. This knowledge was the driving motivator for Joey Fentress when he founded Proform Builds. “I had a clear vision to create a construction enterprise that epitomized the concept of white-glove experience,” he says. “While numerous firms excel at delivering exceptional end results, our distinction rests in the journey of construction itself.” The Proform team is known for its seamless collaboration with architectural and design teams, providing a unified front and point of contact from pre-construction prep to meticulous completion. This applies regardless of the aesthetic, with the firm’s portfolio boasting masterpieces of modernity, the Mediterranean and more. Of course, they all share one thing: top-notch craftsmanship.

“We want people to recognize our unwavering dedication to each client and project.”

Asked what’s next for the Proform team, Fentress enthuses, “We’re thrilled to announce the start of Proform Austin. Some of our team members have relocated, and we’re all set to create outstanding projects in that exciting city, while continuing to grow in our Seattle location.”

“We’re drawn to projects that are tough to build due to their location or unique design,” Fentress says. “The satisfaction comes from tackling complexity and pushing ourselves to create something exceptional through a mix of innovation and skill.”